About me

I grew up in a small town near Kingston ON and after several years living in Toronto I moved, and live today, in a rural area near Bancroft ON.  I discovered the magic of photography at a fairly young age, I recall borrowing my brothers Polaroid Land Camera and snapping a shot of my friends hand.  When I peeled the print from the sticky developer sheets and the image revealed itself I was hooked, this was amazing to me.  Since then I obtained my own Camera, a Polaroid Pronto and some time after that a Super 8 Movie Camera and Projector.  With a modest family income I didn’t have a lot of film to work with so when I did it was quite a thrill and privilege.  So here I am today with the latest and greatest digital equipment, including drones, creating stills and footage from the ground and sky.  I still have a couple of film cameras and I’m planning some film photography projects where I can slow things down due to the process but also to be more mindful while creating.  

I hope you enjoy my view, please feel free to reach out.

Email:  paulhartleyphoto@gmail.com

Website:  www.paulhartley.ca

IG:  @paul_hartley_photo

FB Page:  @paulhartleyphoto

Phone:  613-334-7226

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